Arnold Lobel’s legacy begins and ends with his contributions to children’s literature. His name resides on over 100 books that he either wrote or illustrated. All of those books will forever bring a sense of friendship and camaraderie to children all over the world, for those were some of the most important values to Lobel.

The works of Lobel were widely recognized and honored. The distinctions included: the Caldecott Medal, the Garden State Children’s Book Award, and the Newbery Honor Award. Lobel received the Caldecott Medal in 1981 from the American Library Association for his illustrations of Fables. He was also awarded the Garden State Children’s Book Award in 1977 from the New Jersey Library Association for Mouse Soup, and the Newberry Honor Award in 1973 was given for Frog and Toad Together. He has also been honored by Caldecott, as well as having books recommended by Parents’ Choice. These honors play an integral role in Arnold Lobel’s legacy, for these stories can always be found on the respective list of winners and will therefore always be recommended for children to read.

It was important, as aforementioned, for Lobel to extend a sense of welcoming and acceptance to children. As a child, these things seemed unattainable to him. His works as an illustrator and an author were to provide kids all over the world with that friendship and love that they may be lacking. He wanted to provide children with the same refuge he found at the library. Once again, his legacy resides in his contributions to children’s literature and the warm, personable, friendly characters he brings that will leave lasting impressions on the minds of future generations.


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